Cooking Restaraunt Clones at Home to Save Money and Giveaway#2

                     Cooker Clip Art

When I decided 2014 was going to be the year for me to save money, I knew that eating out at restaurants was going to be one luxury that I was going to have to give up.I know a lot of families are limiting their visits to restaurants and home food delivery also. After my family decided we were not going to go to restaurants anymore, I started going through my cookbooks to find restaurant quality recipes to fix for my family. I found the perfect cookbook!
Stack Of Books, Taller Clip Art
When I found the cookbook, I did not know what it was because the cover page was gone and the book was stained. I open the book and flipped through the pages and then I remembered, it is and was one of my favorite cookbooks: Top Secret Restaurant Recipes by Todd Wilbur. 
Mr. Wilbur is not affiliated with any of the restaurants in his cookbook. He is just a guy who wanted to learn how to clone restaurant food at home. I love the simplistic way the recipes are written and the diagrams are easy to understand and read. I have tried many of the recipes included in the cook book but my favorite is the recipe for Shoney's Slow Cooked Pot Roast.  Many of the recipes can be used with items you already have in your kitchen or can be purchased cheaply at the grocery store.
You will love this cookbook.Mr. Wilbur has a whole collection of Top Secret Recipe cookbooks.