Stop Being a Food Snob! Part 1: Chicken

If one of your goals is to save money this year, then you have to stop being a Food Snob.

I have been guilty of being a Food Snob in the past, but once I made the decision to save money, I have gotten out of my food snobbery habits. What is a Food Snob? A Food Snob is a person or family that only eats certain types or cuts of food.For example,a person that only buys chicken breast or a person that only eats baby carrots is a Food Snob.Is there really a big difference between baby carrots and regular size carrots,besides price?

Money saving has no room for snobbery.

How did I get over my food snobbery?

I notice a large difference in the price of different cuts of meat.For example, I notice chicken thighs are much cheaper than chicken breast.Also, if a recipe uses skinless chicken breast, you can easily substitute skinless chicken thighs. Of course it is much cheaper to debone and skin the chicken thighs yourself. If you don't know how to debone a chicken thigh? No problem, take a look at the video below:

Think of the money you will save by buying chicken thighs instead of chicken breast.Also, when I debone the chicken thighs,I save the skin, meat and bones.I freeze them and I usually make chicken stock,chicken soup or chicken and dumplings.

Another often overlooked cut of chicken is the drumstick. I  have found chicken drumsticks in the grocery store to be very inexpensive. You can cook them in the same way you cook the very expensive chicken wings. Why not make buffalo drumsticks or barbeque or just simply baked them. Did you know you can debone chicken drumsticks? If you don't know how to debone a chicken drumstick, watch the video below.

 Sometimes,I make stuffed chicken drumsticks or I cut them up and make stir fry.

Occasionaly, I may find a sale on whole chickens. When I do, I fill my freezer with the whole chickens or I cut them up and freeze then freeze them. The easiest way to cook whole chicken is to bake them whole in the oven. You can also cut up a whole chicken and cook it any way you want to. If you don't know how to cut up a whole chicken, watch the video below.
There is no limit to the recipes you can make with the cheaper cuts of chicken available. I hope this post will help you save money and stop your food snobbery.