Monday, May 8, 2017

11 Ways To Make Oatmeal More Interesting

 Red Strawberry and Raspberry on White Ceramic Bowl

Oatmeal is inexpensive especially when purchased in bulk. Oatmeal is vitamins, minerals and fiber, good things our bodies need to function properly. However, oatmeal is not known for its great taste, it's bland and dull. But, I have listed ten ways you can add extra flavor to your oatmeal.

1. Add almond milk.
2. Mix your oatmeal with  frozen raspberries or frozen mixed berries.
3. Add cinnamon and brown sugar 
4. Mix in cooked crumbled sausages
5.Try dried cranberries  
6. Add sunflower milk with a dash of unflavored sunflower seeds(minus shells)
7. Add pumpkin spice
8. Mix in a few chocolate chips
9.Add a dash of cayenne pepper
10. Add canned pineapples
11. Mix in canned apple pie filling