Friday, February 12, 2016

Five Ways to Earn Money or Gift Cards Online

There are many ways to earn money online. I have found a few sites that have earned me money and or gift cards consistently. I have listed a few sites that I know are legitimate and or I have used it. Some sites allow you to make money when other people join by clicking through your link. If I have a link to one of those sites (a referral link)  I will post a generic link, meaning I will not make money and my referral link, I will make money. I will give you both options, it's the right thing to do.

Amazon Turk
 Amazon Turk is run by On Amazon Turk you do a variety of task to earn money. You might do a survey for a researcher, you may click on a picture, you may  correct receipts. You could do just about anything. How much will you earn? It depends on you, last year I made about $1200.
Only open to United States residents.

Instant Gift Card ( referral Link)
 It's just what its name says, earn Instant Gift Cards. You perform different task to earn gift cards or cash instantly. You may do surveys, sign up to receive information, watch videos and click on websites. You can convert points to cash or gift cards very quickly.
Open to :
Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand.

Swagbucks  (referral Link)
On Swagbucks, you earn points by performing task. It may be sweepstakes, watching videos, searching online or clicking websites. You can convert your points to gift cards. You will usually receive gift card in three or four days delivered to your email address.
Swagbucks is open internationally.

Qmee is a browser extension. You search as usual and sometimes a screen will pop up on the left hand side of your screen. The screen will have a product and a dollar amount (usually between 0.03 - to 0.15) click on the screen and you will receive the amount listed. You can deposit this money into Paypal, gift card or a charity listed on the site. ( Referral link)
Perk is site that pays you to do different activities. You can get paid to take surveys, click on ads, search the web ,watch videos and many activities on your smartphone.  (Referral link)