Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Enter Blog Sweepstakes and Contest


 Most of my wins come from Blog sweepstakes. I have found the best way to enter blog sweepstakes is to do the following:

1. Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
Many bloggers will ask you to follow them on some type of social media format for an entry into the sweepstakes or giveaway.

2. Comment in a Honest Unique Way
Most of the time a Blogger will ask a question about the giveaway product or ask you to visit a website and describe something about the product or website. Do with the blogger as and make an original comment. DO NOT copy and paste what someone else wrote, doing this can and probably will get you disqualified from the giveaway.

3. Read the giveaway/sweepstakes post
Many times people are focused on the giveaway and miss the point of the post. How long would it take to read the post? Usually when someone does not read the post, they will comment on the post incorrectly and have their entry disqualified. Please read the posts to avoid disqualification.

4. Read the Rules
Make sure you qualify for the giveaway. Make sure the giveaway is open in your country, state  or age group.

5. Check Out The Blog
Look around on the blog page for other giveaways and sometimes great content.

6. Check Your Email Often
Many people have lost out on giveaway wins because they did not respond to the email at all or in the time indicated in the rules.

7. Keep All Communication From Blogger
Sometimes it happens, a Blogger does not deliver the prize or the sponsor does not deliver the prize. Make sure you keep all correspondences until the prize is in your hands.

8. Say Thank You
If you had an excellent experience with the Blogger, post a comment on the blogger's social media page. This may encourage the Blogger to host more giveaways and it's a nice thing to do.