Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finding Sweepstakes Part 2

Here are 10 more places to find Sweepstakes and Contest to enter.

1.Instant Win Sweepstakes are just like the name says, sweepstakes that you win instantly. This is how I find them:
Google: Instant  win sweepstakes, (year)
For example: Instant win sweepstakes,2016

2. Twitter Sweepstakes
Go to, on the search box type in #giveaways. You will see a large number of giveaways. If you want a giveaway for a certain item, type the name of the item and #. For example: #Target gift card giveaways. You can sort the give away by date:
Click on more options, click on advanced search,  in the Words box write Target gift card giveaways,scroll down until you see dates, choose a date range and click search. Find a sweepstakes to enter. Remember to read the rules.

3. Local Newspapers
Local newspapers are great for finding local sweepstakes and contest and the number of entries are lower compared to national sweepstakes and contest. I look for sweepstakes in the Art, Travel, and lifestyles sections.

4.Grocery Stores
There are two ways to look for sweepstakes and contest for grocery stores.
A. Go to the grocery store's website and look under promotions and contests. If the store has a sweepstakes, this is where it will be listed.
B. Search online for a gift card to the grocery store:
Google: Enter to win a gift card to (grocery store's name)
Click search tools, under Anytime click past week or past month.
 For example: Enter to win a gift card to Safeway 

5. Directly From The Company

Many companies have newsletters, panel programs and member reward programs. Most of the time by signing up to these programs you are automatically entered into sweepstakes and contest or the company will send sweepstakes information directly to your email.

6.Local and Regional Stores
Many local and regional stores ( especially furniture,mattress and carpet stores) run contest and sweepstakes for local customers and potential customers. Go to the store's website and look for promotions, sweepstakes and contest.

7. Local Tourist Attractions and Museums

Go to the website and look for promotions, sweepstakes and contest.

8. Local/Regional Sports Teams: Major, Minor and Amateur Leagues
Search online for your local /regional sports team website and look for promotions, sweepstakes and contest. In addition to Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey teams, be sure to search for Soccer, Lacrosse and Softball  teams.

9.Shopping Malls 
Search for local, regional and outlet mall websites. Look for promotions, sweepstakes and contest.

10. Local/Regional Activity Centers
Search for the websites of Bowling alleys, Skating rinks, movie theaters and the local symphony for sweepstakes and promotions.

* Bonus
Search your local/regional convention center for sweepstakes and promotions.
** Search your local/regional Fairgrounds.
*** Search any venue in your area that host concerts, shows or plays for contests and sweepstakes. 

I hope this list is helpful.