Friday, February 12, 2016

Finding Sweepstakes Part 1

I admit it, I am a sweepstakes junkie. It's an addiction I have no plans of giving up. I love entering to win prizes and I have won a lot of prizes. I appreciate every single prize I have one. I am going to share with you some of my tips and rules for winning sweepstakes.

Rule #1
Decide what you want to win. Make a list of some of the things you would like to win and write them down. This will be important later.

Rule #2
Create an email address just for sweepstakes and contests. Create an email address that does not include anything related to sweepstakes, just use your name, nickname or something else.   

Rule #3
Sign up for Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest and other Social Media platforms.They have many many sweepstakes available.

Set some time aside to enter sweepstakes. Go slow, first try an hour or two when you have the time. The number of sweepstakes  available is overwhelming so go slow.

Rule #5
Join a FREE sweepstakes community. Contrary to what people will tell you, you do not have to pay to find "good" sweepstakes. Free Sweepstakes communities can offer information on sweepstakes, contest, tips to enter, prize information and in most cases inspiration from winners. Be careful, many sweepstakes communities can be filled with, drama, envy, jealousy and fraud. Use caution when joining. Also, NEVER ,NEVER, NEVER, post a sweepstakes win in a forum or sweepstakes community until you have the prize in your hand. Why? Remember when I said that communities can be filled with jealousy and envy. People have lost prizes because someone on the sweepstakes board accused the winner of fraud and reported this fraudulent information to sponsors. Use extreme caution.

Rule #6
Finding sweepstakes is very simple. Remember that list I told you to write, grab it and choose something from the list. I'm going to use a Target gift card for an example. Ok, let's say you want to win a target gift card. Follow these steps:
1.Go to google and type in the following:ENTER TO WIN A TARGET GIFT CARD click search
2.Under the search bar click on search tools
3. There will be a arrow next to the phrase ANY TIME
4.Click on the arrow and highlight Past week
5. This will bring up all sweepstakes and contest for Target Gift Cards listed in the past week.
6.Look through the sweepstakes and see what you want to enter.

To find sweepstakes and contest on Facebook, go to Google and type in: enter to win on our Facebook page or Facebook sweepstakes,Under the search bar click on search tools,Click on the arrow and highlight Past week ,this will bring up all sweepstakes and contest for Facebook that was listed in the past week.

Rule #8
Read the rules.No really read the rules. People have lost prizes for not doing this simple thing. Please read the rules.

Rule #9 
Use a lesser know search engine to find sweepstakes. Why? I use lesser know search  engine to find sweepstakes with lower entries and websites that a new that do not have high a prominent place on Google. I will discuss low entry sweepstakes  in a later post. 

Rule #10
Look for contest and sweepstakes everywhere. Look in the Sunday paper, at the grocery store and one of my favorite places to find them, your local news  and radio stations. They usually have them under promotions. If you have a favorite product, chances are they have a Facebook page and website, go to these pages and look under promotions and search the website for sweepstakes and contest.
That's it for now, I have to go enter  some sweepstakes.