Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Part 1

5 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas
By:Colin Southwell

Mother's Day is approaching and now is the perfect time to come up with an original Mother's Day gift idea that shows a little thought and a lot of love. But, let's face it... Sometimes it's hard to come up with an original Mother's Day gift idea that hasn't been done a hundred times before.

As a rule, mothers are sentimental at heart. They are usually happiest with a thoughtful gift that shows how much we appreciate the important ladies in our lives. Here are five thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas to keep in mind as you set out to find the perfect gift this year:

1.    Blow up a favorite photograph of family and frame it in an original frame. Frame and craft stores have a huge selection of frames, from the simple to the ornate. Match a frame to your mother's style, add her favorite photo and you have a guaranteed winner. And if you are really feeling creative, you can customize the frame with objects that you know your mother loves. Try adding a few small shells for the beach-loving mom or a few dried flowers for the gardening mom.

2.    Make a jigsaw puzzle from a favorite family photo for a truly unique, meaningful gift. Pick a photo from a special time and upload it to a site that specializes in creating photo jigsaw puzzles. You can select the exact size and number of pieces to create a puzzle that any mom will love.

3.    For an even more personalized gift, you can create a photo collage puzzle that showcases someone's favorite memories from the last year. Using an on-line Photo Collage service, you can select multiple photos you would like to include in the photo collage, and have them professionally arranged to create a wonderful original photo collage layout used to create a custom puzzle. A personalized gift like this lets someone relive her happy memories - whether it's a memorable vacation, a year's worth of family photos or a year's worth of major milestones.

4.    Similar to the idea above, create a photo collage puzzle that illustrates a portion of mom's history.  Start with wedding pictures and move forward through her life to celebrate the major milestones - new babies, kids growing up, taking a dream vacation - anything that makes her smile.

5.    For those of you who are most affected by today's economy, try the ultimate free gift. Give mom the day off - from everything! Take over whatever duties need to be done, whether it's walking the dog, making dinner or cleaning the house.  A thoughtful gift like this shows that you appreciate all that your mother - or wife - does for your family.

This year, try something truly original and thoughtful for a memorable Mother's Day.

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