Monday, March 16, 2015

Buy From Bulk Bins

Buy From Bulk Bins - Save Money, Buy Just As Much As You Need, Cut Down on Waste
By Selma Roth

If you shop in a store that sells foods in bulk bins, there are good reasons to check them out. They can make you a smarter shopper.

If you would like to buy organic foods, but they don't fit into your budget, you'll find they are usually more affordable when bought from bulk bins. It costs less for companies to sell in bulk bins because that way they don't have packaging costs, and they share the savings with consumers.

You can eliminate a lot of waste by buying small amounts from bulk bins and using them up more quickly. When recipes call for an item that you don't use very often, it's better to buy small amounts, as foods are less likely to spoil, get stale or buggy, and end up having to be thrown away.

You can also have a chance to test your taste buds. If there's something you've been wanting to try, but are concerned that you won't like it, buying a very small amount for a test will save you money.

Spices are the best deal when bought from bulk bins. Some recipes call for a lot of different spices, and it costs a fortune to buy them all pre-packaged. It's shocking how much less they cost when bought from bulk bins, and you can buy as little as you want. That way they won't linger on your pantry shelves and you'll always have fresh spices. It also makes you feel better about buying more expensive spices that you would like to try. When you need nuts for a recipe, it costs a lot more to buy them in little packages.

If you buy gluten-free ingredients, instead of paying a premium, check them out in bulk bins. You'll probably find flax, millet and buckwheat and other items at big savings.

Some staples, such as specialty flours (like cake or bread flour) that you don't use all the time, but want to keep on hand, can be bought in smaller amounts and stay fresh longer.

The most obvious advantage to buying from bulk bins is that you're not adding to the mounds of packaging in our landfills. You can proudly use your own containers and feel good about how you are helping the environment. Some stores will weigh your container and take it off the weight of your purchase, or provide a scale so you can do it yourself.

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