Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 15, My Second Favorite Shopping Day

 Saturday,February 15,2014 I started Christmas,Easter and Back to School shopping.I know some of you are rolling your eyes and shaking your head but let me explain.

Santa And Reindeer Clip ArtThe week after Valentine's day is a great day to shop for Christmas items, because a lot of Valentine Day items are marked down and most of them can be used for Christmas.
You can find deals on red wrapping paper, wrapping paper with hearts or just plain white wrapping paper. The wrapping paper will be perfect for wrapping gifts for Christmas. You may even find small toys that can be slipped into stockings at discount prices.For Christmas, I like to give my family and friends gift baskets that I make. I try to find plain coffee mugs or mugs with hearts on them to include in my Christmas gift baskets.
Pink Easter Egg Clip ArtWhen shopping for Easter in the Valentine's day mark down aisle, I look for candy that I can fill plastic Easter eggs with. I look for candy that does not have a Valentine's day message on it. I also buy marked down plain chocolates, if I find a good sale, I will but a lot of it and freeze it. I use it for baking cookies and cakes for the Easter holiday. I look for marked down toys and stuffed animals to make my own Easter baskets.If you are lucky, you may find marked down red or white baskets to make your own Easter baskets.

Pencil Eraser And Journal Clip ArtI also look for back to school items in the Valentine Day Mark down aisle.
I look for plain red pencils, white pencils pencils with hearts any pencils or pens that can be used throughout the year.I have found packets of red construction paper, red erasers, and writing paper. These items could be given to your children now for school or saved for back to school time.

Red Bin Clip ArtI do this ever year and no I don't have a lot of space in my home. I use a plastic tote to store the non perishable items in. I use a large index card and write down what is inside the tote and tape it to the top of the box.