Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to thepennygirls!

N Kamil Money Banknotes And Coin Clip Art

If one of your goals for the new year is to save money, this is the place for you. Saving money is my only goal for the new year. Yep, I just have one goal  because I realized that one goal covers many. I know you maybe thinking how can saving money help me lose weight, be happy, find a mate, exercise more and rule the world (sorry, rule the world is my other goal). 

Aerobics Clip Art

Well, saving money can help you lose weight. How you ask? Good I'm glad you asked. Well, if you make the goal to save money you will be more conscious of the food you buy. For example, let's start small, say you decide to cut out $10 from your grocery bill this week. You know you cannot cut out food you actually need to survive,so you have to look at "luxury items". 

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Luxury items are non nutritional items that we eat that has no nutritional value. Yeah I'm talking about that fizzy stuff that you drink and that chocolate circle cookie with the cream in the middle or the round potato like items that crunch when you bite into them. As tasty and delicious as they are ,and I know they are, they are holding you back from your money saving goals. So after lusting for these items in the grocery store, you decide  to leave them  in the aisle, pay for your real food and go home. 

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You are so strong! When you unload your groceries you should notice two things, you should have saved money from not buying those snack items and you don't have those snack items in your house for you to nosh on and if you continue your money saving pursuits you may lose weight in the process. See, easy peasy, Yeah right. Let's at least give it a try!