Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

I would like to add a few more tips to help you save more at the grocery store. Many of this tips I have used while shopping recently.


Potatos Clip Art
I love potatoes for three reasons. One, they are delicious,two they are versatile and three they are inexpensive. I will usually buy a bag of potatoes and I can make many meals from them.
I can make breakfast: potatoes and onions, homemade hash browns.

I can make lunch: baked potatoes with low cost toppings,potato salad and homemade potatoes chips.

I can make dinner: mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, cheesy potatoes, potato casserole,potato chowder, potatoes and gravy, garlic potatoes, potatoes and chives and potatoes skins.

Store BrandCanned Goods Clip Art

I love store brands because I noticed a large difference in the price of store brand products and
and name brand products. I have noticed the biggest difference in canned goods. For example,I love to make pasta sauce using canned tomato sauce.I can buy store brand sauce for .50 cents, but the name brand tomato sauce is $1.25. Of course I chose the store brand sauce and saved my pennies.

Steak Clip ArtChicken Drumstick Clip ArtMeat and Poultry

When I go to the meat section I always look around in the section. I look through the meat, I look underneath,I look beside and I look all around. I have noticed that each tray has a different price. For example, I notice one tray of chicken thighs for $4.50 but underneath that tray I notice a tray for $3.50 with the same amount inside. When you are in the meat and poultry aisles look around and underneath for different prices.
BreakfastOatmeal Clip Art

One of the most important  meals of the day,can be one of the most inexpensive meals of the day. Oatmeal is one of the most nutritious and inexpensive items you can have for breakfast. I'm not talking about the  flavored oatmeal packages but the large container of store brand oatmeal. You can flavor the oatmeal your self! You can add brown sugar, fruit, cream and sugar, frozen fruit, cinnamon and vanilla to your oatmeal.
Beverages Teapot Clip ArtBaloon1 04 Clip Art
If you are a penny saver you have to cut back on "luxury food items." Now, I love drinking ice tea, lemonade and other drinks but I do not buy per-packaged drinks. I buy a large box of tea bags and make my own ice tea. I flavor the tea with lemons and sometimes frozen fruit.
I hope these tips are helpful, there will be more tips to come.