Friday, January 10, 2014

Handwashing to Prevent Colds

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 It is that time of the year,cold and flu season. Many people will get sick over the next few weeks and some of you may have already gotten sick.

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Do you know the best way to prevent yourself and your family from getting sick this cold and flu season? The best way to prevent illness is cheap and highly effective.However, many people do it incorrectly.
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The best way to prevent infection is to wash your hands properly. Properly is the key word here. Many people do not wash their hands long enough to destroy germs. According to the CDC, we should wash our hands for at least 20 seconds or long enough to sing Happy Birthday two times.

Soap Dispenser Clip ArtYou should wash your hands in the following manner:
1.Turn on the water and wet your hands.
2. Lather and Scrub your hands with soap under running water. Don't forget to sing!
3. Rinse your hands clean air dry or wipe with a clean towel or paper towel.
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Now, you know the proper way to wash your hands. Don't forget to teach it to your children.Help keep your family germ free this cold and flu season.  
*thepennygirls is not affiliated with the CDC.